Certain human behaviors, habits, and obsessions have been classified as addictions by psychological and medical organizations. As far as technology is preponderating the current generation, Somali girls breached and infracted the tradition cogitating of forge despite early on; Somali filles used to be known for their timorousness conduct. Initially to set eyes on Somali girls face was inconceivable However, of late after some casted off the shyness, modesty and the old customary on the social sites, Somali filles on Facebook become the divas rocking for their physique profile thinking they are at the utmost level of wisdom.

Facebook, which has more than 750 million users worldwide, has been the focal point for the current generation in exchanging ideas whether moral excellence or frailty. Facebook as a main method of communication between peers despite that its conducting to habituation. Facebook Habituation became the real prima condition affecting the juvenility.

Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism. In good old days, people shunned doing shameful act because of fearing getting bad image in the society but nowadays as technology supersede the human brain all shameful acts became good custom and vice versa in hither and thither.

I interviewed two good friends of mine on how they carry on themselves when they are facebooking, do you know what their respond was?

“I login to Facebook most of the time to look how many likes and comment I got on the status I updated hours ago but on logging in I will found some of my friends getting more comments and likes on their status they updated some minutes ago whereas mine didn’t get much then that lead me to be jealous and to stay awake for hours facebooking.” Siham said.

It turns out that as many as one who use Facebook experience feelings of jealousy and envy after spending time on these sites notwithstanding It is very likely that you know people who absolutely must check their Facebook account when they first wake up, obsessively check it throughout the day, and never fail to log in just one last time before going to sleep for the night.

Ahmed a high school student told me,
“I feel relaxed and stress less when I am facebooking compared to when I am doing ordinary work, referring an idle mind is a devil workshop”
Maybe, Ahmed turned a blind eye and termed ordinary work as idleness. So will you refuse that Facebook habituation is becoming blind alley?

Our somali youth spend hours upon hours every day updating their status, uploading pictures, commenting on walls, reading updates from others, and searching for new friends to add thence they often neglect other important responsibilities, commitments, or people in favor of Facebook and their real-world relationships, careers, or schoolwork suffer due to Facebook addiction.

Ahmed add on, “Whenever I popped out the phone from the trouser pocket to make a phone call, I see myself already logged on to Facebook and I will continue browsing forgetting the call and sometime rather than the call even if its urgent, I see scrolling to Facebook thus making me to give the priority to login to Facebook first to see comment and updates before I make the call”

Worst of all, as a result of addiction you will find shameful thing being made hilarious exaggeration like updating nasty frail status and uploading dirty pictures in the name of looking likes and comments, On top of all the natural volatile emotions that characterize adolescence, you can now add the girlish gossip-mongering of the Facebook age.

However, with the growing use of Facebook as the norm for how we communicate, there is increasing evidence and suggestion that there may be a correlation between how often one uses Facebook and a linkage to mental health issues. The fact that a significant percentage of youth check Facebook even before they get out of bed is an indication of their addiction to Facebook due to that I believe Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master as in so much technology, so little talent thus showing it has become appallingly obvious that technology has exceeded our humanity.

Abdiqani Issack Mohamud
Having aim to pursue journalism.
Mandera, Kenya


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