The government action on Eastleigh blast

BY: Abdiqani Issack

After last night blast in Eastleigh, how is the situation this morning in the area and so far what action did the government condemned?

Abdirahman a university student said,
“Houses being searched. I was woken up by a
police officer asking for an ID. How is ID
connected to terrorism?”

Do you think the government take a right way in searching the terrorist behind the blast?

“IG Kimaiyo should know that for you to get intelligence from your people you need to give them respect first so that they feel the need to help security apparatus.” Abdirahman add on.

The situation is not as per the usual, each and every person is having his heart in his mouth and they are very curious in what action the National and county government will take next.

“Eastleigh kwa Bomu, Mlango kwa tege, Kitambulisho kwa mkono, Pesa kwa mfuko, Swahili kwa mdomo Msomali kwa jela.” said by salah mohamed in his Facebook account.

He add on, “The explosion in Eastleigh may effect few but it has its consequences worry much more the Police than an Explosion”


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