By: Ahmed Hussein (school Teacher)

The assertation by Cabinet Secretary for internal Security Joseph Ole Lenku that crimnals were behind the killing of Sheikh Makaburu is an old familiar script of denial.There were similiar pattern of claims in the past where Sheikh Rogo and other imams were gunned down.
Here is my take on the incident.

Vice president Willian Ruto comes to Mombasa on the wake of the recent spate of attacks experienced in the coastoal,issued some chilling threats and 48 hours later Sheikh Makuburu is dead.
Let no one fool us. Its the ATPU and other Goverment security agencies that were responsible for the killing.

Last week State House meeting of muslim ‘leaders’ with Uhuru sealed Makuburu’s fate. it was Just a rehearsal for the event.

Then came the flurry of denials from many quaters. Adan Wachu,The secretary General of Supkem denial that the police were not involved raised the red flag. He and his contiegents of business cartel, political brokers-cum -‘Muslim leaders’ are all accomplices.


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