The Fact


The National Police Service will this week air a feature ostensibly to highlight the challenges of terrorism which will be aired on NTV, KTN, Citizen TV, KBC among other channels.

However, we are fully aware that the feature is deliberately crafted to build animosity against Islam and Muslims. It focuses more on extremist ideas which involve misinterpretation of the Holy Quran and the sacred traditions of Prophet Muhammad and this false interpretation will be taken by many viewers as the innate teachings of Islam.

It is callous and unacceptable that these national television channels can accept to air such a documentary whose ultimate goal is to fuel intolerance and incitement against Muslims.

While they are enormous commercial gains to be achieved through airing the feature, this will be done at the expense of increasing resentments against the Muslim community.

At present there is growing animosity towards Muslims and Somalis in particular as a result of the spate of terrorist attacks which are wrongly being attributed to the Muslim community and the documentary will help to fuel the false perception that Islam is religion which encourages terrorism and that Muslims support acts of violence against innocent people.

This is to therefore, urge you to rescind airing the documentary as it will serve as a platform to increase animosity and hostility against Muslims and be the perfect justification for the continued brutal response against Muslims in the recently energized so-called war on terror.

We all have an obligation to nurture a peaceful and tolerant society and the media should not accept to be used as conduits to spread hate and animosity against a section of Kenyans.

Warm Regards

Abu Ayman Abusufian


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