SATURDAY, APRIL 19, 2014 – 00:00 — BY STAR TEAM

Slightly more than a year after they were sworn in as MPs a number of work-shy legislators have either said nothing or spoken less than five times on the floor of the august House. It is not clear why people elected to speak for their constituents, have not been active on the floor yet they are paid for just that.

A sizeable number of MPs remain dormant and hardly speak in the House, the Star can reveal. Some, according to available records, have never even made their maiden speeches since they were sworn in on March 28, 2013.

  1. Shaaban Ali Isaack:
    He represents Lafey constituency in Mandera County and was elected on URP ticket. Records indicate that Ali has spoken two times in the chambers.

  2. Joseph Ngugi Nyumu:
    Ngugi was elected on a TNA ticket to represent Gatundu South. He took over from Uhuru Kenyatta who was the area MP for two terms. Uhuru did not defend the seat in the last elections since he was vying for President. Despite coming from the President’s home constituency, Nyumu has so far spoken only five times, according to records.

  3. Titus Ngahu:
    He refers to himself as TNA 1, having been the first MP to be elected on the party’s ticket in the 10th Parliament. He replaced the fiery late Minister John Michuki. There is no record that he has spoken on the floor of the House during the current Parliament.

  4. Raymond Kipruto Moi:
    The son of retired President Daniel Moi was elected on a Kanu ticket to represent Rongai constituency. There are no records to show that he has spoken on the floor of the House.

  5. Hassan Mwanyoha:
    The Matuga MP was elected on ODM ticket. Records show that he has spoken once in the chambers. And on that day, he complained to the Speaker that he hardly gets a chance to contribute to debates.

He even questioned the Speaker if he is viewed as a flower girl in Parliament. “Nilikuwa nimevunjika moyo nikifikiria labda Mheshimiwa Spika anafikiria mimi ni mrembo ya Bunge hili kwa sababu kila nikiinuka, nanoa,” he complained.

To know more of the domant Mps click on the link below.


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