By: Suleiman
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Kisii, today there was harsh operation of which out of 3000 Muslims 180 of them were taken to cell without any reason with their ID.
It seems actually it based on religious matter because there was no explosion in Kisii?

Where on earth did these petrifying brutality commence from or its new system of the government earning ransom before the monthly salary?

The word terrorist does not have somali in it, eyeing somalis’ alone is what many can not understand. During this raid, i dont know where human right commision had ever emerged, does it mean mostly suport this humilation of only one race?


Somalis’, We are tired of this Kenya.

By: Sultan Abdiqani

A country that has bullied our great ancestors because of their skin, religion and race, made our good parents pass through the same and is now continuing to oppress us further.

“They called my grand fathers ‘warlords,’ my fathers were ‘shiftas’ and am now a ‘terrorist’.” Aweis (a uni student pursuin engineering) said.

“In my own house am invaded, robbed, ran over, my mothers and sisters raped and we are all headed to police to buy our freedom for some hours before the next operation.” Aweis add on.

The very security who were to guarantee our safety coming to terrorise and baptising Somali with new identities to justify their doings. A government that breaks into the somali business premises if they close for their safety arguing that the government had to do it when they learnt that i had escaped.

Aweis said, “How can i wait to buy my freedom after every hour?? I can’t endure the pain of bieng a citizen of a country whose government repeatedly executes my religious leaders, attacks my worship places and promise to close them down.”

Not only that but even the media plays its own role.

“I can’t continue crying in a country whose media is not sparing any trick to paint me the colour of a devil when am a true angel.” aweis said.

The latest media propaganda justifies arrest of citizens because they don’t know English or kiswahili.

Our leaders in the government are shading crocodile tears when they know that they engineered every move and calculated every step. We are paying the consequences of voting.

She, the government of Kenya is a terrorist.

The Majority leader alias the looking for fame political leader in Uhuruto government “The Jubilee”

Source: http://www.kenyan-post.com/2014/03/uhuru-ruto-should-arrest-or-kill-sheikh.html?m=1

Sunday March 30, 2014 – National Assembly Majority Leader, Aden Duale, has taken on controversial Muslim cleric, Sheikh Sharif Abubakar alias Makaburi, saying he is a fake Sheikh.

Speaking on Friday during a meeting of Muslim leaders with President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto, in Nairobi, Duale blasted Makaburi for justifying killing of innocent Kenyans by Al-Shabaab terrorists at the Westgate Shopping Mall and Christians in Mombasa.

Duale gave Uhuru/ Ruto’s Government a green light to arrest or kill Makaburi for defending Al-Shabaab, saying those who defend Al-Shabaab are as good as Al-Shabaab themselves and should be killed.

He also backed Ruto’s call to close down blacklisted mosques in Kenya noting that mosques are places of worship and if they will be used to train Al-Shabaab terrorists, then they should be closed down.

The Majority Leader said he was tired of protecting Muslim criminals and urged the Jubilee Government to use excessive force if necessary in dealing with them.

Duale was reacting to Makaburi’s remarks early this week where he openly defended Al-Shabaab, saying their killing of Christians in Kenya is justified as long as Uhuru Kenyatta does not pull KDF out of Somalia.


By: Ahmed Hussein (school Teacher)

The assertation by Cabinet Secretary for internal Security Joseph Ole Lenku that crimnals were behind the killing of Sheikh Makaburu is an old familiar script of denial.There were similiar pattern of claims in the past where Sheikh Rogo and other imams were gunned down.
Here is my take on the incident.

Vice president Willian Ruto comes to Mombasa on the wake of the recent spate of attacks experienced in the coastoal,issued some chilling threats and 48 hours later Sheikh Makuburu is dead.
Let no one fool us. Its the ATPU and other Goverment security agencies that were responsible for the killing.

Last week State House meeting of muslim ‘leaders’ with Uhuru sealed Makuburu’s fate. it was Just a rehearsal for the event.

Then came the flurry of denials from many quaters. Adan Wachu,The secretary General of Supkem denial that the police were not involved raised the red flag. He and his contiegents of business cartel, political brokers-cum -‘Muslim leaders’ are all accomplices.